NUI Tshirt

My NUI tshirt arrived, I had got two tshirt, one from The another from NUI sweden, because i’m a friend of Harry 😛 (seriously because i got selected for the internship at NUI Sweden). The Tshirt which Harry Van Der Veen(CEO Natural User Interface, Sweden ) sent reached super fast right on time for the event in college, he he i needed to show off the tshirt to a larger crowd so i was in a hurry to get it :). The tshirt is awesome, and it did attract lot of people because of the logo.

Thanks Harry

Thanks Harry

.One more thing that really caught my eyes was the NUI sweden’s Visiting card, harry sent me his card, its soo well designed.

The other Tshirt from arrived within next two days, i’ll definately wear it for the next event, thanks Nuigroup, love the tshirt its awesome and fits perfectly too. Nuigroup rocks!!! and i feel great to be a part of it.

The Postage Envolepe

The Postage Envolepe



Now this make me think, we need to make PyMT tshirts soon 🙂

Two More

Lately i’ve been busy with college work. But i managed to write two new apps for pymt. One of them is a OSX style apploader, another is a Video jigsaw puzzle. The video jigsaw was fun to do where as the apploader was quite a challenge for me as it involved opengl rendering. But ultimately i was able to do it, animation+reflections = eye candy. I have attached the video of both the apps below

PyMT Widgets

I’ve been working with PyMT for almost a month now, its turning out to be a great framework for developing multitouch apps. Especially for beginners it will definitely be very easy to develop apps using it. I have developed few more examples apps using the framework.

  1. Bloop – The Game : This is a simple musical game, inspired by Bloom app(hence the name Bloom+Python => Bloop :P), it uses music files from Seth Sandlers AS3 Bloom app. Its not same as bloom, a little change of concept, do try it out. I have plans of developing it further.


2. FlickThePic: Its a flickr searcher app, you type in the search keyword using the virtual keyboard and you will get your search results directly downloaded on to your work spaces, it even uses asynchronous downloading thanks to Mathieu Virbel’s great threaded image downloading present in the pymt core, the keyboard widget is done by Thomas Hansen.


There where several other great additions done this like the Gestures support, sinemixer app. We are currently on a testing phase of release of the framework, two more weeks left 🙂