PyMT Logo

Wohooo we have a logo and its awesome 🙂 , thanks to the great work by our teams designer Ronald Bein, He runs a graphics tutorials website do check it out sometimes


PyMT Widgets

I’ve been working with PyMT for almost a month now, its turning out to be a great framework for developing multitouch apps. Especially for beginners it will definitely be very easy to develop apps using it. I have developed few more examples apps using the framework.

  1. Bloop – The Game : This is a simple musical game, inspired by Bloom app(hence the name Bloom+Python => Bloop :P), it uses music files from Seth Sandlers AS3 Bloom app. Its not same as bloom, a little change of concept, do try it out. I have plans of developing it further.


2. FlickThePic: Its a flickr searcher app, you type in the search keyword using the virtual keyboard and you will get your search results directly downloaded on to your work spaces, it even uses asynchronous downloading thanks to Mathieu Virbel’s great threaded image downloading present in the pymt core, the keyboard widget is done by Thomas Hansen.


There where several other great additions done this like the Gestures support, sinemixer app. We are currently on a testing phase of release of the framework, two more weeks left 🙂

PyMT update

I’ve been working with python from the time i lasted posted, i love the language it simple and quick to program and powerful too. I’ve been working with Thomas Hansen and Mathieu Virbel to develop PyMT( A python multitouch framework started by Thomas),I’ts a widget based framework which use opengl acceleration to draw graphics on the screen, very easy to develop apps because of the widgets, there are several widgets available using which you can created rotateable scaleable objects on the screen.

I did committ some code to it, some of the things that i did with the help of them are

Python Particle System

Python Particle System

Python Multitouch Photo app

Python Multitouch Photo app

Video Widget PyMT

Video Widget PyMT

I’ll soon upload a video demoing the working of them if you cant wait download the latest svn from

We'll be soon releasing a beta version of PyMT.

Python Bi(y)te

Well i finished my 7th sem exams, finished playing crisis core, both went out good, especially the Game crisis core, amazing ending very emotional.. anyways after finishing these two tasks i set out to learn python. To start with my multitouch application development and to get a hold of opengl.

My brother suggested a book written by and Indian author, Swaroop C H. This book by the name “A Byte of Python“, is a excellent book for Beginners as well as intermediate programmers and the best part is its free, you can also buy the printed version and support the writer. Its really well written, right on point with no gribbrish examples. So if you are looking for a python tutorial look no further, just start with this book.

Ok that’s all i have to write for now, i will write about my progress with opengl and python in my next post 🙂

A Japanese Connection

Hmmmm, I never thought there would be a better game then GOD OF WAR Chains of Olympus for PSP, but man i was gravely mistaken, Final Fantasy VIII- Crisis core by Square Enix is the game which won my heart, the storyline, the music, everything is so well constructed. Japenese are really great story tellers, this game really backs that fact.

Crisis Core

Crisis Core

Japanese have a unique style of art, and a unique style of story telling. Especially if you see the anime cartoons they have very intense emotional situations. Crisis core is one such game, with intense emotions involved, Connecting with different characters in the game. Its not a average slash and hack game where as this game really has some amazing content.The cutscenes are voice overs are top notch. Especially the cutscenes are the best i have seen, the CG animations are extremely good.

There is one sound track “The Price of Freedom” by Takeharu Ishimoto, I feel this is the best soundtrack ever created for a game. Amazing music composition through out the game, the best ever for a game. I loved the soundtrack.


If you have not checked out this game yet, please buy it. It awesome, the best ever. Its got a really great storyline, mind you its very intense. The music is great. I’m now a fan of Final Fantasy Series, I’m a fan of Takeharu Ishimoto. Great job Square Enix your Team rocks. Thanks for creating such a great game!!!.

YAMT (Ver 1.0)

We name this YetAnotherMultitouchTable  a.k.a YAMT 🙂 , this is the first prototype of our final year project, We did this in roughly 10 days ( and nights). The time constraint was mainly because of the fact we had a major event being conducted in our college and we wanted to showcase the possibilities of homebrew multi-touch surface computers. Thanks to nuigroup, we were able to complete the setup on time.

The response at the event was awesome, we could hear people looking and awing, professors and students enjoyed the gesture based photo manipulation. The chief guest, Mr. V. V. Srinivasan, scientist from ISRO congratulated us for achieving the feat, he looked into the innards of the system, he seemed to look quite impressed, to sum it up, the presentation was really good, cant wait to build the final product, with our own software.

PS: This is supposedly the Third Multi-touch Table from INDIA, he he

Below are some pics of the event, Click on them for larger size

  • Tbeta, the Vision software from nuigroup

  • Our Completed MTBox

  • The Surface made of Drafting paper and Silicone

  • The UI

  • Testing the setup

I will posting the video and more pics soon, if anybody wants to know what parts we used and where we got the equiment from, contact me, I’ll be more then willing to help you to build this.


modFlosc is a modification for FLOSC, it allows you to create a virtual dead spot in your multitouch table. which is quite useful when you have a IR hotspot from your projector, we had a nasty blob in our setup caused by this hotspot, so i thought about a hack to avoid this area from the flash applications.

modFlosc basically works by taking in the coordinates for a rectangle, it takes in top left coordinates(x1,y1) and bottom right cooridates (x2,y2) and avoids the blobs detected from that area.

Following are the steps of how to use it

Step  1:

Run Tbeta or touchlib, background subtract, and you should obtain the irhotspot in the final detected image

Step  2:

  • Run the file GET-HOTSPOT-COORDINATES.bat file
  • Click Start
  • You should be able to see a series of x,y,z numbers being detected

  • These are the coordinates for the  IR hotspot blob
  • Here it is x=> 0.4921,  y=>0.5167
  • Note these values and close the modFlosc  session and command prompt.

Step 3:

  • Double click and open modFlosc.jar
  • Now we take approximate values for (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) using the ir blob coordinates previously obtained

  • The Red rectangle is the area which gets blinded
  • Enter the approximated values into the modFlosc and press start

Step 4: If the blob still gets detected try increasing the range of x and y coordinates, which will in turn increase the size of the rectangle. that should do it 🙂


if you find this tool helpful or if you find and bugs or have suggestions for improvements please leave a comment