Which path to choose ?

Alrighhtt, I’m back to blogging after a break of 3+ months, I don’t know if people still follow my blog or no, but the last three months has been very eventful in my life, a series of highs and lows, but all is well now :). In this blogpost I will try to sum up in brief whats been going on lately and what are my plans with this blog in the future.

In January 2010, I was in a serious emotional turmoil on what path to choose professionally, I basically had three options

  1. Keep working on PyMT till I find a proper sponsor, this was easiest way to follow as the team was great, I had a pretty good hold on the python langauge and PyMT framework. But I was worried that I was hitting a technical roadblock as I knew only python properly , whereas the world of Multitouch has varied interest and I wanted to explore these other fields too.
  2. I had an offer from NUITeq. The worries that I had were that the platform was completely new, Purely C++ based. Even the team was new, I didn’t know if I would fit well.  Plus I would have to work remotely due to the visa issues. Other then these it was all good.
  3. Quit Multitouch and join a generic XYZ software company in India.

After several weeks of stressful thinking I decided to vote for my technical progress over ease of job and i decided to join NUITeq. I decided I can face all challenges it posed, plus the job offer from NUITeq was very good.

Just when I was all set to begin my new career, I met with an Motorcycle accident. Aftermath: A cracked wrist, surgery necessary 😛 . So I had to undergo a surgery and quit my job plans for next 6 weeks. I gained a metal plate in my hand to hold the bones in place but, lost 6 weeks of precious time 😐 . I’m very grateful to the guys at NUITeq for understanding my situation and deferring the plans till I recover.

My wrist after surgery :P

My wrist after surgery 😛

Once I joined NUITeq, its all been good for me, I’m really liking the C++ SDK, C++ language in general is awesome. The team is really good, my colleagues help me in every other question or doubt I have regarding the framework. I’m really glad I took the decision of joining NUITeq. Just can’t wait to meet these guys in person sometime in the future :). Its been three months now that I’ve been working with NUITeq, time sure flies when we work on something we really love.

My contract got extended with NUITeq, so I will continue to work with them. Soo now the question is what about this blog. I’ve had several ideas, either I will continue blogging about multitouch coding  in this same blog, or I’m hoping to start another blog focusing only on multitouch coding, the mathematics involved, and other tricks which I’m hoping to share with the community. I was hoping to dwell into Android hacking too and maybe port NUIPaint into c++ using some base framework, he he lots and lots of plans :). So all that remains is to make up sometime for this in the weekends :). Lets see how it goes.

Credits: Crossroads photo by DJ Bass @

PS: NUITEQ got nominated for Norrmejerier-stipendiet 2010. Please support by voting at . It just takes a few seconds for voting process 🙂


7 thoughts on “Back

  1. Dude ! Finally …..
    but still shows “coming sooonn \o/” x( x( x(
    Anyway, just move this blog to that domain. And keep it updated. I am sure many will follow along with me.

  2. Not sure if I voted or not. (Selected the company and entered other details and clicked some button.) Its in Swedish 😦

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