Recently I saw a interesting tweet from Seth Sandler regarding a AS3 speech recognition lib. The demo was very impressive. So I wondered why not for python ?. So I started looking around for some premade librarys in Python. I found three good ones

The first two where windows only solution so they where rejected immediately. The Sphinx library from CMU is very vast library. After some reading I found out that the dwarf version of Sphinx called pocketsphinx is just a plugin for Gstreamer. It was very easy to integrate them and finally integrated them to PyMT. šŸ™‚ . I will be posting the example app as well as Speech Recognition engine for PyMT will be included in the 0.4 release. Can’t wait to see how users will use this new capabilities in their apps šŸ™‚

Other then this i’ve been working on completely rebuilding the animation framework for PyMT 0.4 and its complete now WITH the wiki documentation. Thanks Mathieu for all the advices you gave me in improving this. Heres a video of the app he made with the animation framework.

This one I did.

We are trying our best to release a Alpha version before Christmas, lets see how it goes. Lots and lots of changes and feature additions šŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “New NUI

  1. Woah thats very nice. PyMT has become real cool now. Will have to start using it. I am surely shifting to pymt in few days :). And about the voice recognition its really cool. And obviously python rocks \m/ šŸ™‚ .

  2. i loved it.. the animation is really better and awesomeness, and easier to use..
    Good Job guys!!
    Really can’t wait, hope you guys could release it faster +D

  3. This is excellent! Glad to see people having success with the GStreamer stuff, which I actually wrote for the purpose of a UI demo… I will check out PyMT, as it looks like it might be useful for my own stuff.

  4. Tus is great work. I’m thinking to switch from as3 to py. Until now I haven’t any experience with pymt. But after the nuipaint and this example I decided to learn pymt.

    Any chance to release this in Ć  short while?

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