Passed GSOC 09



Alright this is very old news (One month old). I’ve been a bit busy to make a blogpost. I passed the final GSOC evaluations along with the 7 others of the NUIGroup organizations. It feels great to be one of the several hundred students to complete the program. I really thank my mentors, my elder brother, nuigroup organization and all others who helped me in completing this. Google, thanks for organizing such a great program. This has definitely given me a new way to look at opensource technologies and its organizations.

Right now, I’m waiting for my visa to head up to NUITEQ Sweden. I will be a intern at that company for next three months. “Great people, great envirnoment to work in”, is what i felt everytime I heard about NUITEQ from other people who worked/works there. I’m really excited to be working with them. Thanks Harry for giving me a opportunity to be working with you and your team :). There is even a coffee mug waiting for me there :D. How cool is that…

NUITeq Coffee Mug

NUITeq Coffee Mug


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