NUIPaint 0.1 Screenshots

Here are few of the screenshots of the application.

Initial Screen

Initial Screen

Collaboration Windows

Collaboration Windows

Fullscreen Mode

Fullscreen Mode

Windows in Fullscreen mode

Windows in Fullscreen mode

Layers within Canvas

Layers within Canvas

Filter Application

Filter Application

Comments, Suggestions and Criticisms welcome 😀


22 thoughts on “NUIPaint 0.1 Screenshots

  1. well then I might have a request : could you be king enough to make a tuto on how to install correctly PyMT under windows (7 x32), because I’m a little bit lost… At least what’s needed and the big steps, then I’ll ask when I’m blocked, because I can’t do it with only the help on the official PyMT website…

  2. Awesome work Sharath.Really glad to see your work with the pymt team.I’m just getting to terms with it. Loving it.Great work again. Well done

  3. Awesome work Sharath.Really amazing.I only going to start making projects like this. And I wish you could give a source code of your project please.

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  5. Hi Sharath Patali,

    Screenshots and video looks awesome.

    I tried to install NUIPaint only it won’t run. These steps I have take
    -> install pyton 2.6.4
    -> installed pymt package and did run
    ->unpacked NUIpaint
    ->want to run but when i start it it directly disappears

    Any id what the problem is. I run windows 7 32 bit

    With Regards,

    Rogier Mars

  6. Sorry for my inconvience. But after some trial and error I get it up and running. Looks awesome ! Will give it a try.


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