NUIPaint Update 1

So Last three days i’ve been working continously on the GSOC project. I Manage to achieve the following

  • A toolbar with dummy icons in place, but two of the buttons zoom and brush are activated. They are used to switch between the two modes of the canvas Widget
  • A Canvas Widgets, its a FBO based workarea/canvas, it has two modes of operation
    • Zoom mode: In this mode the canvas can be altered using multitouch gestures, it can be translated,rotated and scaled
    • Paint Mode: In this mode any touch on the canvas draws a circle using a default brush and color
  • I also developed a file browser widget, its a  file browser with kinetics and it generates appropriate icons for each file type. There is alot to improve on this widget, like provide filters, several buttons, and generate events on launch and exit  as suggested by my mentor Matheiu.

I’m getting the hang of this, several new kinds of widget requirements are coming into picture which is great 🙂 . I have attached a screenshot of the work in progress

NUIPaint Screenshot 1

NUIPaint Screenshot 1


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