GSOC 09: I’m in !!!

I’m posting after a long time now, I was pretty busy with my college work and projects. Along with this I came to know that NUIGroup is selected to GSOC 09 as a mentoring organization. I wanted to participate in this great initiative by Google. So i started brainstorming what can be a good proposal. I decided since I’m already a contributing member in the PyMT team, its best to work on it and I know it really well.

Painting Applications are at a very nascent stage in NUIGroup, A Drawing Sandbox+Photo Manipulator seemed a credible app to me, somewhat like a subset of photoshop with use of graphic hardware acceleration to speed things up, i want to learn GLSL anyways, so building an app is the best way to do it.

After consulting alot of forum members, pymt core developers and my brother, I realised a proposal, Mathieu Virbel and Thomas Hansen helped me to figure out the technical aspects of the application, my brother a senior software architect he helped me correct the  proposal document. Other people who i consulted and got advice from are nuiman, cerupcat, gorkem, Falcon4Ever, Harry, bauer, aditya, leachim (Yeah i know alot of people :), but GSOC is not a easy competition to get in either ), I really thank all of them for spending time in advicing me.

It took me nearly a week to finalize the document.Structure it out, make the UI mock ups and figure out the timeline. Here are some of the mockups that i did and here is the my proposal document for download as well.



Interaction Idea

Interaction Idea

There are several other Interaction ideas and UI mockups in the PDF do check it out..

On April 20th results where out and I am In!!!. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. 7 applications for NUIGroup where selected and all are great. And Thomas Hansen is my mentor, he is a last years GSOC student for nuigroup and specializes in OPENGL and a PHD student. Here is a list other applications which selected are.

MPX X.Org TUIO Driver
Student: Ryan Huffman
Mentor: Martin Kaltenbrunner

Recognition, Tracking and Association of Hands, Fingers, and Blobs: A Tbeta Upgrade
Student: Thiago Araujo
Mentor: Laurence Muller

Component-Based HCI UI Framework and High-Level HCI Library for Java
Student: Ori Rawlings
Mentor: Christian Moore

Multitouch Extension Module for Google SketchUp
Student: Anirudh Sharma
Mentor: Pawel Solyga

An openframeworks toolkit for developing multi-touch musical interfaces
Student: Dimitri Diakopoulos
Mentor: Seth Sandler

Creating Models for Learning and Recognizing multitouch gestures
Student: Sashikanth Damaraju
Mentor: Alexander Popovich

Congratulations to all the winners!!. All said and done, the real work starts from now 🙂


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