PyMT Widgets

I’ve been working with PyMT for almost a month now, its turning out to be a great framework for developing multitouch apps. Especially for beginners it will definitely be very easy to develop apps using it. I have developed few more examples apps using the framework.

  1. Bloop – The Game : This is a simple musical game, inspired by Bloom app(hence the name Bloom+Python => Bloop :P), it uses music files from Seth Sandlers AS3 Bloom app. Its not same as bloom, a little change of concept, do try it out. I have plans of developing it further.


2. FlickThePic: Its a flickr searcher app, you type in the search keyword using the virtual keyboard and you will get your search results directly downloaded on to your work spaces, it even uses asynchronous downloading thanks to Mathieu Virbel’s great threaded image downloading present in the pymt core, the keyboard widget is done by Thomas Hansen.


There where several other great additions done this like the Gestures support, sinemixer app. We are currently on a testing phase of release of the framework, two more weeks left 🙂


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