PyMT update

I’ve been working with python from the time i lasted posted, i love the language it simple and quick to program and powerful too. I’ve been working with Thomas Hansen and Mathieu Virbel to develop PyMT( A python multitouch framework started by Thomas),I’ts a widget based framework which use opengl acceleration to draw graphics on the screen, very easy to develop apps because of the widgets, there are several widgets available using which you can created rotateable scaleable objects on the screen.

I did committ some code to it, some of the things that i did with the help of them are

Python Particle System

Python Particle System

Python Multitouch Photo app

Python Multitouch Photo app

Video Widget PyMT

Video Widget PyMT

I’ll soon upload a video demoing the working of them if you cant wait download the latest svn from

We'll be soon releasing a beta version of PyMT.


2 thoughts on “PyMT update

  1. you can use just the mouse to test you apps, you dont even need a external simulator, as we have a great built in touch simulator, which allows dual touch 🙂 , so testing apps is a breeze 😉

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