Python Bi(y)te

Well i finished my 7th sem exams, finished playing crisis core, both went out good, especially the Game crisis core, amazing ending very emotional.. anyways after finishing these two tasks i set out to learn python. To start with my multitouch application development and to get a hold of opengl.

My brother suggested a book written by and Indian author, Swaroop C H. This book by the name “A Byte of Python“, is a excellent book for Beginners as well as intermediate programmers and the best part is its free, you can also buy the printed version and support the writer. Its really well written, right on point with no gribbrish examples. So if you are looking for a python tutorial look no further, just start with this book.

Ok that’s all i have to write for now, i will write about my progress with opengl and python in my next post 🙂


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