A Japanese Connection

Hmmmm, I never thought there would be a better game then GOD OF WAR Chains of Olympus for PSP, but man i was gravely mistaken, Final Fantasy VIII- Crisis core by Square Enix is the game which won my heart, the storyline, the music, everything is so well constructed. Japenese are really great story tellers, this game really backs that fact.

Crisis Core

Crisis Core

Japanese have a unique style of art, and a unique style of story telling. Especially if you see the anime cartoons they have very intense emotional situations. Crisis core is one such game, with intense emotions involved, Connecting with different characters in the game. Its not a average slash and hack game where as this game really has some amazing content.The cutscenes are voice overs are top notch. Especially the cutscenes are the best i have seen, the CG animations are extremely good.

There is one sound track “The Price of Freedom” by Takeharu Ishimoto, I feel this is the best soundtrack ever created for a game. Amazing music composition through out the game, the best ever for a game. I loved the soundtrack.


If you have not checked out this game yet, please buy it. It awesome, the best ever. Its got a really great storyline, mind you its very intense. The music is great. I’m now a fan of Final Fantasy Series, I’m a fan of Takeharu Ishimoto. Great job Square Enix your Team rocks. Thanks for creating such a great game!!!.


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