YAMT (Ver 1.0)

We name this YetAnotherMultitouchTable  a.k.a YAMT 🙂 , this is the first prototype of our final year project, We did this in roughly 10 days ( and nights). The time constraint was mainly because of the fact we had a major event being conducted in our college and we wanted to showcase the possibilities of homebrew multi-touch surface computers. Thanks to nuigroup, we were able to complete the setup on time.

The response at the event was awesome, we could hear people looking and awing, professors and students enjoyed the gesture based photo manipulation. The chief guest, Mr. V. V. Srinivasan, scientist from ISRO congratulated us for achieving the feat, he looked into the innards of the system, he seemed to look quite impressed, to sum it up, the presentation was really good, cant wait to build the final product, with our own software.

PS: This is supposedly the Third Multi-touch Table from INDIA, he he

Below are some pics of the event, Click on them for larger size

  • Tbeta, the Vision software from nuigroup

  • Our Completed MTBox

  • The Surface made of Drafting paper and Silicone

  • The UI

  • Testing the setup

I will posting the video and more pics soon, if anybody wants to know what parts we used and where we got the equiment from, contact me, I’ll be more then willing to help you to build this.


2 thoughts on “YAMT (Ver 1.0)

  1. hi sharath,
    my name is samir, i m an architect, based in mumbai.
    during the last couple of weeks i have looking into the prospect of making a MTbox..looking into FTIR and DI setups…still deciding (will be using it with processing)..
    i was wondering where u got ur equipments and parts from….i m funding this on my own so was looking for assurance..
    i already own a lcd projector, an epson tw20, which i think will work..

    can u share some more details with me regarding ur experience in making the same


  2. Hi Samir,
    Our table is a FTIR setup, DI is a bit hard to achieve as you require IR illuminators, i dont think there are any reliable and reasonably priced IR illum available in India, Either you have to import it or make one yourself.

    For the FTIR setup i bought the LEDs from robokits india. They worked really well and they ship fast too..

    For camera we used a xbox live vision around 30$. Instead i highly recommend you to use a PS3eye, that piece of hardware is really good, 120fps at 320×480 at just 40$. This is the one you should really go for.

    Then for complaint surface we made a mixture of Dr.Fixit clear Silicon solvent+Toluene and applied it on a drafting paper. it worked really well. Plus drafting paper acted as a projection sheet.

    Right now we are building a Laser setup, you should have a look into the laser setup too. they are quite easy to build compared to FTIR or DI. But again lasers have to be imported.

    If you have further query email. My email address is in the About page.

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