modFlosc is a modification for FLOSC, it allows you to create a virtual dead spot in your multitouch table. which is quite useful when you have a IR hotspot from your projector, we had a nasty blob in our setup caused by this hotspot, so i thought about a hack to avoid this area from the flash applications.

modFlosc basically works by taking in the coordinates for a rectangle, it takes in top left coordinates(x1,y1) and bottom right cooridates (x2,y2) and avoids the blobs detected from that area.

Following are the steps of how to use it

Step  1:

Run Tbeta or touchlib, background subtract, and you should obtain the irhotspot in the final detected image

Step  2:

  • Run the file GET-HOTSPOT-COORDINATES.bat file
  • Click Start
  • You should be able to see a series of x,y,z numbers being detected

  • These are the coordinates for the  IR hotspot blob
  • Here it is x=> 0.4921,  y=>0.5167
  • Note these values and close the modFlosc  session and command prompt.

Step 3:

  • Double click and open modFlosc.jar
  • Now we take approximate values for (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) using the ir blob coordinates previously obtained

  • The Red rectangle is the area which gets blinded
  • Enter the approximated values into the modFlosc and press start

Step 4: If the blob still gets detected try increasing the range of x and y coordinates, which will in turn increase the size of the rectangle. that should do it 🙂


if you find this tool helpful or if you find and bugs or have suggestions for improvements please leave a comment


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